Services & Fees
Greatmark Investment Partners manages equity, balanced and bond portfolios for
individual investors, retirement accounts, foundations and businesses.  While we follow a
disciplined investment philosophy, we can customize any portfolio to meet your needs and
risk tolerance.  The minimum portfolio we will manage is $100,000.

Fee Structure
We intentionally designed our fee structure to be very competitive.  We charge 1.00% a
year on the first $700,000 of equity assets, 0.75% the balances between $700,000 and $2
million and 0.50% on balances over $2 million.  We charge 0.50% on bond and mutual
funds below $2 million and 0.25% on bonds and mutual funds balances above $2 million.  
We reserve the right to negotiate all fees.

Establishing your relationship and brokerage account
We do not custody assets.  You will need a broker to hold your securities and execute the
trade instructions we give them.  We manage your portfolio through the broker of your
choice.  Once you have made the decision to hire us, we will help you set up your

We will have you:
1)  Sign an agreement which allows Greatmark to direct transactions on your behalf at the
broker of your choice.
2)  Establish a custodial relationship (
with either a bank or brokerage firm) to take
physical possession of your assets in an account bearing your name.  Greatmark
Investment Partners will at no time have custody of your assets. We'll prepare all the forms
for you.