Long-term Investors
Greatmark Investment Partners invests with a long-term view.  We do not chase
quarterly performance.  We will not sell your holdings and buy new ones simply
because the short-term results are lagging some benchmark.  

The investment decisions we make are designed to produce satisfying
results for our investing partners.  This results in less trading in your account, lower
trading costs and ideally, more tax-efficient investing.

Concentrated Portfolios
We are not closet indexers turning over a basket of stocks.  We are long-term
investors in
businesses.  We know our companies and buy them for their long-term
potential.  Some investment managers hold 75-100 positions in their portfolios and
trade frequently.  We invest in our 20+ best ideas and typically hold those positions
for 4-6 years.

Growth at value prices
We seek to buy great growth companies during the rare times they go on sale.  
Sometimes when we buy stocks, they are "unloved" by Wall Street.  We believe we
can be most successful buying stocks when others are fearful and selling them
when they are most popular.  This requires fortitude on our part and at times,
patience on yours.