About our name
Our Name
Your portfolio, regardless of the size, is incredibly important to you.  We don't take
our responsibilities lightly.  We will manage your portfolio with the same care and
concern that we manage our own family's money.  You have lofty aspirations -
you've set a "mark" you want to achieve.  Our job is to help you reach your dreams.  
Our arching logo depicts this mission.

As a firm, we aspire to accomplish great things.  We are intent on building a great
firm, adding talented people and making our firm a great place to work
so that we
can provide you with a great experience.  The name Greatmark reflects our desire
to build a great firm to help you reach your aspirations.  

"Partners" is an important part of our name.  We view our relationship with you as a
long-term partnership.  We invest our money right alongside yours.  We will, no
doubt, share in some bumps along the road but we will also benefit together in our
triumphs.  You can take great comfort in knowing the decisions we make for your
portfolio are also impacting our own personal portfolios - exactly as it should be.  
As Warren Buffett has said many times,
"We eat our own cooking".