Adams Investment Management was founded more than twenty years ago by Cy
Adams and Jeff Adams.  They had a heritage of successful investment
management services to individuals, corporations and foundations.

The firm has successfully guided clients through good markets and bad.  The
long-term knowledge of the markets and experience in dealing with all kinds of
markets was one of the real strengths of Adams.

In September 2007, Richard Illges acquired 50% of the firm and joined as a
partner.  Richard spent thirteen years with Smith Barney as a Senior Vice
President and Senior Portfolio Manager managing client portfolios.  Prior to that,
he spent eight years with Synovus Financial Corp. serving as Vice President of
Investor Relations.

In conjunction with this, the firm's name was changed to
Greatmark Investment
to reflect this new chapter in the firm's life.  We also relocated to a
more convenient location in the Green Island Hills area to give our firm room to

Greatmark came together as a result of a shared vision to create the premier,
local, fee-based, independent investment advisory firm.  It would be our intention
to add new talent to our firm to make sure we have the very best minds working
for you.