Portfolio Characteristics
We look to own businesses with enduring competitive advantages and great global

We've focused the vast majority of the portfolio on companies with solid dividend

Our portfolio companies have demonstrated earnings per share growth over long
cycles of the economy.  We prefer proven businesses and proven management
teams rather than "hot" new growth businesses yet to be tested through the full
economic cycle.

We focus on companies with high returns on equity.

Greatmark pays attention to how companies allocate their capital.  We like to own
companies that use excess cash flow to buy back their own shares.  Our holdings
have bought back 10% of their total shares since 2002.

Only about 40 companies (
out of 1,800) followed by Value Line has a  combined
financial strength rating of A++ and safety rating of 1.  Our portfolio owns 13 of these.

S&P Dividend Aristocrats - there are only 51 companies that have raised their
dividend for 25 straight years - we own 14 of these.