Why Greatmark
Local - All investment decisions impacting your portfolio are made locally.

Fee-Based - Greatmark is a fee-based firm.  We don't charge transaction
commissions on our work.  We believe this structure aligns your interests with ours.
 We have no incentive to sell you product or trade your account.

Independent - With all the recent changes on Wall Street - mergers, failures and
name changes - our independence is a real strength.  Greatmark is not affiliated
with any brokerage firm or bank.

Focused on costs - Costs eat into investment performance.  We have priced our
management fees to be extremely competitive in the market.  

Customized - Greatmark doesn't follow a cookie-cutter approach - we will
customize your portfolio to meet your risk tolerances and needs.

Old fashioned investing - We are "A long way from Wall Street" in our
approach.  It seems that Wall Street's invented and created products got our
financial system into a lot of the current trouble it is currently suffering through.  We
shy away from "sophistication" and focus on good, old-fashioned investing - buying
a business for the cash flow it can produce over the coming years for its owners.